Umformtechnik Stendal GmbH

Tool and Die Production

The tools and dies and inspection and assembly facilities required for the production of pressed, drawn and stamped parts and/or complete assemblies can be manufactured by UTS itself or by our reliable suppliers.

We follows our customers' technical requirements and work in close cooperation with their engineering departments to develop all tools and dies at state-of-the-art CAD and CAM workstations. The CAD systems are used for the tool and die design process, during which customer data can be imported using the interfaces of CATIA, CDAFS, IGES, dxf and dwg.


By using this process, UTS is able to individually produce new tools and dies. It also enables us to make amendments to tools and dies and carry out repairs in a very short space of time. An integral part of our tool and die making services involves the implementation of preventive maintenance measures, which is carried out by our qualified tool and die makers on-site at our company.

Our extensive inventory of machinery enables us to meet all of the requirements specified above.