Umformtechnik Stendal GmbH

Press shop

In our press shop, we use both conventional and CNC-controlled open-side and double-side eccentric; hydraulic presses and servo presses with press capacities of up to 800 metric tons. Our press shop is also home to five belt conveyor systems that run in parallel and are able to precisely process steel strips up to 1000mm wide. We can additionally insert strips with widths of up to 1280mm into our 800 and 630-metric ton transfer press.

Our processing work mainly focuses on material thicknesses between 0.7mm and 4.0mm. Our technical capabilities enable us to also process materials with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 4.0mm for special applications. We use an extremely wide variety of grades of steel, stainless steel and aluminium as source materials and boast experience in processing metals ranging from basic grades of steel right through to high-strength and the highest-strength steels. Our services also include the processing of special materials such as aluminium hybrids, aluminium expanded metal, etc.

We are to flexibly react to our customers' requirements at any time and to factor in possible amendments without losing time, even during the ongoing production process.

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