Umformtechnik Stendal GmbH

Umformtechnik Stendal GmbH

The company had celebrating its 25-year anniversary in 2017 but can actually look back on over 40 years of sheet-metal-working experience.

Before German reunification, it formed part of the Ernst Thälmann Heavy Mechanical Engineering Combine ("Schwermaschinenbau-Kombinat" - SKET) in the then East German city of Magdeburg. During this period, 65% of the combine's mechanical engineering production volume was linked to the production of consumer goods, with a multitude of sheet-metal parts manufactured for the stove industry of the German Democratic Republic and for prams and spring balance scales. The stamping shop used in the production process during this period now forms the core of Umformtechnik Stendal.

The company was privatised by the "Treuhandanstalt" ('German Trust Agency') and officially established under the name UTS in 1992.

Umformtechnik Stendal then became a member of the Becker Stahl Service corporate group and has therefore had a successful and reliable partner at its side ever since it was founded.

The company started out with 55 motivated and well-qualified members of staff and a number of outdated presses. Nevertheless, it was soon able to successfully upgrade and modernise these old presses from the German city of Erfurt and invest in new systems and equipment. UTS now uses modern eccentric presses and hydraulic presses with a press capacity of up to 800 metric tons.

The parts produced in the press shop are then transferred to modern welding and jointing bays where they are further processed to form components using flexible and versatile power units and two robotic MAG welding systems.

The company is also home to a production area equipped with modern laser systems, stamping and nibbling machines and press brakes for up to 170 metric tons for the production of prototypes and small batches.

UTS has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard since 1995 and according to the German VDA 6.1 standard since 2003.  The certification for IATF 16949 was in Mai 2018. These standards are essential requirements that enable us to operate as a supplier for the automotive industry and for the household and heating appliance industries. Umformtechnik Stendal now supplies its products to renowned companies such as VW, Daimler, Bosch/Siemens, Vaillant, Gestamp and many more.

Ever since it was established, the company has therefore always focused its attention on staff who are extremely proficient in their jobs and have the appropriate skilled worker qualifications in the metal and electrical industries.

Umformtechnik Stendal has been training its own upcoming talents since 1994 and has achieved extremely successful outcomes as a result.

The company also plans to keep looking for young and ambitious individuals wanting to work at a future-oriented company on both an industrial and commercial level in the future.

In order to handle additional or seasonal orders, UTS has been successfully working in cooperation with small regional temporary employment agencies for many years. We have even awarded employment contracts to several qualified temporary workers as a result of these cooperations.

UTS also has a productive mutual give-and-take relationship with the "Lebenshilfe" associations for people with mental disabilities in the eastern Altmark region of Germany, through which it provides disabled individuals with suitable work such as gluing on rubber seals or attaching nuts. These additional activities are often essential and time-consuming tasks that are necessary during the production of assemblies for cars and household appliances.

Our trustful and cooperative contact with the "Lebenshilfe" associations of the German towns of Stendal/Tangerhütte and Osterburg and with the Elbe-Havel Workshops for the disabled in the town of Schönhausen was established in 1995 and has become both an essential factor for the UTS production lines and an indispensable advantage for the "Lebenshilfe" associations.

Umformtechnik Stendal has also been present in Slovakia since 2004, where it handles tasks such as supplying the Vaillant Group with stamped parts and assemblies.

A high level of quality and excellent management were crucial factors that enabled UTS to build upon its success in Germany on an international level.

In a nutshell, UTS is a company located in the heart of the Altmark region of Germany that boasts an excellent reputation in both the German and international markets.